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Event Sound Services

We make it our business to only use the best audio equipment in the work that we do. We operate as part of Clear Track Media network, giving us unique access to the incredible experience and equipment produced by Dean, IAN, Ray and the team.

We have the capacity to provide Clear Track Media sound system for everything from a small party to a large festival using the correct tool for each unique application, delivering the ultimate experience every time.

Clear Track Media is a specialist in the central Florida Area  professional loudspeaker system inventor and manufacturer. Established just over 10 years ago by pioneering designers,

Clear Track Media has built its name on the production of high quality point source loudspeaker systems.

These leading lights have established many of the principles which are now viewed as industry standard within the audio community. While their designs may have been imitated over the years, none have been surpassed. In fact, they have remained the first choice for many permanent and touring sound applications throughout the world.